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Reimagining Europe through culture: Should the EU place culture as one of its priorities?

Should we have a cultural deal for Europe and put culture as one of the top EU priorities? Many cultural professionals, scientists and policymakers think that European Union needs a deep and thorough reimagining of its cultural policies and that the matter is pressing. The growing precarity of the cultural sector in Europe presents an additional urgency to the issue.

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Initiative ‘Kapsalon theater’ offers theater performances while getting your haircut, to raise awareness for the struggling Dutch cultural sector.

After a month of ‘heavy lockdown’, last week Friday the Dutch government announced that it was once again possible for certain sectors to open up with Covid safety precautions set in place. Many people were pleased as this would mean that services like hairdressers and nail salons would open their doors again; however, theaters and other cultural venues remain closed

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Is there a cultural basis of vaccination skepticism?

Throughout its research, the INVENT project considers how contemporary trends of globalization, digitalization, migration and social inequalities impact Europeans’ cultural participation and way of life. In this week’s blog, we inquire whether an older sociocultural movement of the early 19th century is still able to influence Europeans’ behaviors and participation today in times of the pandemic. Namely, we explore whether

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Cultural Microcosms in Europe

Unlike the simple divisions into elite and mass arts audiences, omnivores and univores, the culturally engaged and cultural inactives – while analysing INVENT survey data – we encountered a large number of small cultural worlds or cultural microcosms. Using Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, we identified a number of aggregates of people who have different conceptions of culture,

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Article “What is Europe?”

The article “What is Europe? The meaning of Europe in different social contexts in Switzerland” has recently been published in Swiss Political Science Review by Swiss Invent team member Jörg Röss, Georg Datler and Julia Schroedter. They analyzed the meanings that persons associate with Europe for a sample of the population of Switzerland. From this analysis six meaning dimensions emerge,

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European Football Championship 2021 – A tournament for everyone?

In June and July of 2021, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) holds its championship tournament, and fans across the globe have been captivated with exciting matches for almost two weeks now. Long before the last whistle is blown, the event has sparked quite a number of controversies already, particularly on social media platforms – and not all of

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UK – Nil Points

On the 22nd of May, the Eurovision Song Contest held its Grand Final. On this occasion, the British representative James Newman received nil points from both the country juries and the general audience. Viewers went on Twitter arguing that the low score was linked to Brexit, with comments such as: “everyone hates the UK”. Such a mixture of politics and

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