Pilar López


What does culture mean to you?

Exploratory study among Spanish citizens by Jinju Kim and Jordi López Jinju Kim and Jordi López from the Spanish INVENT team conducted an exploratory study about the meaning of culture in Spain between 27th May 2020 and 4th July 2020 in Catalan and Spanish languages. It asked Spaniards “What comes to mind first when you think of the word culture?

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Social inequalities in cultural participation

Drawing on Eurobarometer data, Guiseppe Lamberti and Jordi López of the Spanish INVENT team compared the cultural participation of Europeans in 28 countries (EU 28) in 2007 with 2013 to analyze the effect of the economic crisis on the evolution of social inequalities in cultural participation. For both periods, the researchers considered to what extent people participated in a wide

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