Advocating for Culture in Turbulent Times: A report exploring cultural petitions

INVENT’s data scraping team has recently completed its second annual report “Advocating for culture in turbulent times”. Following phase I, which explored the various uses of the word “culture on the Twittersphere, our team decided to delve deeper for phase II. For phase II, we took a closer look at the question “What do people talk about when they talk

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Mapping the multiplicity of cultural understanding: INVENT brings out a new report exploring the meanings Europeans ascribe to culture

INVENT has brought out a new report that comprises a combination of data and analyses capturing an answer to the question: What does culture mean to Europeans?To map out the multiplicity of understandings of culture within and across Europe, the report opens with a brief discussion of the diverse conceptions of culture, the current “cultural abundance” and how the manifold

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New research alert:  What is cultural non-participation and has it changed significantly over the course of a decade?

It is a commonly shared view that “culture is good for you”.  In cultural policy, there has long been concern about citizens that do not participate in any cultural activities, such as visiting museums or concerts. Cultural non-participation has often been treated as a problem – even though non-participation is actually very common. An explanation for the low rates of

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Upcoming article on the relationship between cultural participation and political orientation

Finnish INVENT Team members Sara Sivonen and Semi Purhonen will be publishing an article called “Politics and cultural participation: The associations of party preference and conservativeness with high and popular cultural participation in Finland” in Sosiologia later this autumn (article in Finnish). The article examines the association between politics and cultural participation in contemporary Finland from the perspective of change

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Research alert: “What do people actually understand by ‘Europe'”

Members of the Swiss team have published an article titled “Was verstehen Menschen eigentlich unter Europa?” (What do people actually understand by Europe) on the Swiss social scientific news platform DeFacto Similar to the approach of the INVENT project, the reported study uses a bottom-up approach and analyses the meanings of Europe on the basis of a survey conducted in

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Research alert: The tensions of the cultural news beat in view of globalization, digitalization, and conglomeration

Nete Nørgaard Kristensen from the Danish team has published an article in the international journal Journalism Practice. The paper connects to the INVENT-project’s interest in the role of digitalization and media, including professional news media, for citizens’ access to cultural information and engagement with cultural content. The study traces the ways in which transformations such as globalization, digitalization, and conglomeration

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The August Policy Brief is now downloadable

We are happy to share that the first INVENTCulture Policy Brief has been submitted to the European Union and now is fully accessible on our website through this link.


The first INVENT newsletter is out

The INVENTculture team is proud to present its August 2021 Newsletter. This piece features ten articles including analyses of the INVENT survey and other related projects and presentations. From the perceptions of European citizens of the notion of culture to their beliefs of what should be or not be publicly funded, this newsletter showcases the responses of more than 15,500

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The Challenges of Qualitative Interviewing

Finnish INVENT team member Riie Heikkilä and her colleague Anu Katainen recently published an article in The Sociological Review on the often challenging “counter-talk” in qualitative interviews on cultural practices. They identified three types of counter-talk: resisting the situation, resisting the topic, and resisting the interviewer – arguing that counter-talk should be given more importance as a key element of the qualitative

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Article “What is Europe?”

The article “What is Europe? The meaning of Europe in different social contexts in Switzerland” has recently been published in Swiss Political Science Review by Swiss Invent team member Jörg Röss, Georg Datler and Julia Schroedter. They analyzed the meanings that persons associate with Europe for a sample of the population of Switzerland. From this analysis six meaning dimensions emerge,

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