Javier Ojeda Rodriguez


Should Netflix obey Swiss rules? How cinema is (still) a national industry

In the age of immediacy, of the digital, the relationship between audiovisual products and consumers is increasingly close. It has become a habit to choose as a favorite pastime to watch an episode of a TV series via a payment platform. It is a simple, fast and repeatable process over time, which is why many people have already incorporated it

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Solidarity beyond borders of war: Zhivago writes poems to Old Europe

In some corner of a random neighborhood in the city of Mariupol, in Ukraine, a man blows out a candle and leaves his room in darkness. He has heard the advance of the troops and is afraid that the dim light that filters through the curtains will arouse some suspicion. Downstairs, in the street, it is pitch black and the

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Switzerland may have to leave the Schengen area: How freedom of movement could redefine European culture

The first social impression of the Covid-19 pandemic was the restriction of movements. Suddenly, we realized that we couldn´t leave our homes, and eventually, our neighborhoods and cities. Two years later, we continue to find ourselves with situations where tickets to certain countries are canceled or where it is difficult to return home due to the emergence of new variants.

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