Trust in authorities during the COVID-19 lockdown in four European countries

Marc Verboord from the Dutch INVENT team published an article together with Sara Grøn Perlstein in PLOS ONE on trust in political authorities in the first COVID-19 lockdown (see full Open Access version at ). The article examines the population response to government containment strategies during initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in four high-trust Northern European countries–Denmark, Germany,

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Article on Socio-Political Polarization of Media Usage in Finland

Semi Purhonen, Adrian Leguina and Riie Heikkilä published an article in the Nordicom journal (see full Open Access version at The article uses nationally representative data from Finland from two longitudinal and comparable data sets from 2007 and 2018 and shows a stability in the social stratification of media use which organizes itself around the same axes (Internet use/non-use and legitimate media use/non-use) in both years. The article demonstrates that new

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Croatia’s participation in Creative Europe (2014-2020)

On the occasion of marking the end of the Creative Europe programme (2014 – 2020), the Croatian Desk of Creative Europe issued the publication “CREATIVE EUROPE (2014 – 2020): CROATIAN EXPERIENCES”. The bilingual (Croatian and English) publication offers a basic analysis of Croatia’s participation in the Creative Europe Culture sub-programme, providing the following highlighted information: Between 2014 and 2020, 96 Croatian

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Engaging in culture under pandemic restrictions

Discover Society published a blog written by the UK Team of INVENT, entitled Engaging in culture in under pandemic restrictions: Where do we find culture and how do we feel about it? The blog draws on the findings of the exploratory survey the INVENT team conducted over the Summer in nine European countries. You can read it here. IMAGE CREDIT:

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EU cultural policy and audience perspectives

INVENT team members Marc Verboord (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Nete Nørgaard Kristenen (University of Copenhagen) published an article, titled EU cultural policy and audience perspectives: how cultural value orientations are related to media usage and country context, in the International Journal of Cultural Policy Research. The authors studied how people across Europe think about cultural value, including cultural heritage, and

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