New research Alert – Cosmopolitanism in contemporary European societies: mapping and comparing different types of openness across Europe

INVENT members Tally Katz-Gerro, Neta Yodovich (UK team), Susanne Janssen, Marc Verboord (Netherlands team), and Joan Llonch-Andreu (Spanish team) have published a new article in the journal of Contemporary European Studies. The article is open access and builds on the survey research conducted by INVENT. The abstract reads as follows:

Cosmopolitanism, which is often defined as openness to other cultures and individuals, is significant for understanding processes of stratification in contemporary, globalised societies that are home to increasingly diverse populations. In this paper, we broaden the perspective on cosmopolitanism to include cultural, interpersonal, and political dimensions. We test the associations between these types of cosmopolitanism and three types of correlates: socio-demographic characteristics, personal exposure to other cultures, and exposure to other cultures via various media. We analyse data from nine European countries that differ in the characteristics of their population, cultural traditions, and political models. Results indicate that differences between respondents in the nine countries are better explained by individual characteristics than by country characteristics. Furthermore, it is mainly personal and mediated exposure to other cultures, rather than socio-demographic variables, that play a significant role in influencing respondents’ cosmopolitan tendencies.

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