Spanish translation of Towards a Social Turn in Cultural Policy

We are proud to present the Spanish translation of INVENT’s Policymaker’s Guidebook: Hacia un Cambio Social en la Política Cultura: Una Guía para los Responsables de Políticas Culturales. You can download the Spanish version of the Guidebook here.

The Policymaker’s Guidebook serves as a practical resource for cultural policymakers and practitioners, offering guidance on advancing the societal values of culture outlined in the New European Agenda for Culture. Entitled Towards a Social Turn in Cultural Policy, this guidebook initially outlines current understandings of culture and cultural values as articulated in relevant EU policy documents. It then explores the concept of a social turn in cultural policy. Additionally, the guidebook delves into nine core societal values: diversity, inclusion, participation, well-being, tolerance, solidarity, equality, identity, and creativity.

Beyond merely describing and contextualizing these societal values, the guidebook proposes tools and indicators to integrate them into tangible cultural policy practices. Each section also presents insights from articles and case studies to demonstrate practical applications. The overarching aim is to assist cultural professionals in developing a grassroots understanding of the societal values of culture and to offer guidance for creating more responsive and inclusive cultural policies.

You can download the Spanish version of the Policymaker’s Guidebook here.

The English edition can be downloaded here.

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