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Serbian INVENT team on ESA 2021 conference

The INVENT team from Serbia, together with Croatian and French colleagues, presents four studies at this year’s conference of the European Sociological Association. Predrag Cvetičanin and Inga Tomić-Koludrović focus on the impact of growing societal disparities on culture. Following Bourdieu, they examine how the conceptions of culture and perceptions of the social world (perceptions of the impact of social inequalities

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Plural notions of culture and challenges to cultural policy-making

Even though culture as a word reflects multiple, often contradictory notions, the dominant understanding of culture within cultural policy practice and debates oftentime limits culture to professional cultural actors and excludes other notions. In order to provide insights into multiple notions of culture as perceived by citizens in Europe, in one of the questions in the survey the INVENT team

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