Research updates


New video: Digitalization and Digital Culture

In this video INVENT researcher Nete Nørgaard Kristensen from the Danish team tells us all about the megatrend of digitalization and about digital cultural participation. Learn about the democratization of culture and the digital divide. Have we made you curious? Read more about the topic of digitalization in our report or our policy brief III


New video: What Culture Can Mean for Well-Being

In this video INVENT researcher Sylvia Holla from the Dutch team explains the connection between culture and well-being. She draws on interview research to show that the benefits of culture for wellbeing range far and wide. Want to know more about what culture means for well-being? You might be interested to read our policy brief II or the case study

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NEW VIDEO: Culture below the surface, the Iceberg analogy explained

In this video INVENT researcher Alysa Karels from the Dutch team explains the analogy of the Cultural Iceberg — a symbol INVENT has adopted in its own branding. Discover both the visible and invisible aspects of culture. Visit our project website and find out how culture below the surface is made visible and insightful through various forms of research.


New video: Diversity and Inclusion in the cultural sector

In this video INVENT researcher Avi Astor from the Spanish team discusses the topic of diversity and inclusion. Learn about the importance of prioritizing representation and removing barriers to cultural participation for people with diverse backgrounds. If you’d like to read more about this topic: check out one of our Dutch case studies called Re-thinking the museum from the bottom-up.

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The INVENT Policy Brief 3 is available now! Read our recommendations for policy creation related to culture and digitalization  

We are pleased to announce that the third INVENT Policy Brief has become available for download on our website.Where previously Policy Brief 1 (2021) looked at cultural offerings, wellbeing and the cultural value orientations of Europeans, and Policy Brief 2 (2023) centered on culture’s contribution to health and wellbeing; Policy Brief 3 (2023) places its focus on Digitalization and Culture.

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INVENT Newsletter 3 is out now!

We are thrilled to announce: Newsletter III is out now! Click here to dive into our latest insights Below, find a brief overview of some featured articles in this year’s edition. Each comes with its own allure, so we hope you’re as excited as we are! Cultural Advocacy & Public Debates Dive deep into the realm of cultural discourse online as we

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New research Alert – Cosmopolitanism in contemporary European societies: mapping and comparing different types of openness across Europe

INVENT members Tally Katz-Gerro, Neta Yodovich (UK team), Susanne Janssen, Marc Verboord (Netherlands team), and Joan Llonch-Andreu (Spanish team) have published a new article in the journal of Contemporary European Studies. The article is open access and builds on the survey research conducted by INVENT. The abstract reads as follows: Cosmopolitanism, which is often defined as openness to other cultures

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Tracing digital inequalities

This blog post concerns the ongoing empirical work of the Danish team and is therefore work in progress. In the INVENT project, we have been busy collecting different types of data via methods such as interviews, focus groups, case studies, and data scraping. Inspired by insights from previous data collections, the Danish team followed the traces of digital inequalities, which

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New research alert: An empirical book on cultural non-participation published

A new book “Understanding Cultural Non-Participation in an Egalitarian Context” by INVENT team member Riie Heikkilä has been published in the Palgrave Studies in Cultural Studies series. The book uses qualitative data from individual interviews and focus groups collected and explores the questions of cultural non-participation in Finland. The point of departure for the book is the much-studied relationship between

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Advocating for Culture in Turbulent Times: A report exploring cultural petitions

INVENT’s data scraping team has recently completed its second annual report “Advocating for culture in turbulent times”. Following phase I, which explored the various uses of the word “culture on the Twittersphere, our team decided to delve deeper for phase II. For phase II, we took a closer look at the question “What do people talk about when they talk

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