The INVENT Policy Brief 3 is available now! Read our recommendations for policy creation related to culture and digitalization  

We are pleased to announce that the third INVENT Policy Brief has become available for download on our website.
Where previously Policy Brief 1 (2021) looked at cultural offerings, wellbeing and the cultural value orientations of Europeans, and Policy Brief 2 (2023) centered on culture’s contribution to health and wellbeing; Policy Brief 3 (2023) places its focus on Digitalization and Culture. Now drawing on a wider body of data collections, including interviews, case studies, data scraping,  focus groups and more, this third policy brief delves deeper into the digitalization trend and its effects on everyday culture.

In the policy brief you can expect to read about: the mapping and enhancement of digital cultural participation in Europe; online cultural conversations and advocacy across Europe; and institutional trust, cultural backlash, and media use. Following each section of the policy brief is an extensive list of concrete, digestible recommendations that can be consulted by policy makers and other interested parties. The brief closes with insightful recommendations for further reading.

You can find our other policy briefs, newsletters, reports and other outputs on the publications page on our website.

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