Geffen Ben David


New Research Alert: Migration and Online Engagement

Aligning with INVENT’s interests in globalization, migration and online engagement, Geffen, from the Haifa/UK team, has conducted a study on immigrants’ social networks and acculturation strategies in Israel. Her research findings point to significant differences between various migrant ethnic groups in their acculturation styles. The way different immigrants perceive Israel as a host society differs according to the characteristics of

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Survey Completed in the UK

After commencing the distribution of the survey on the 20th of May, we are happy to announce the completion of the fielding period in the UK with 2,411 respondents in total. The UK team has joined forces with the local survey company, YouGov, in order to explore the ways in which Britons perceive and engage with culture. Stay tuned for

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UK – Nil Points

On the 22nd of May, the Eurovision Song Contest held its Grand Final. On this occasion, the British representative James Newman received nil points from both the country juries and the general audience. Viewers went on Twitter arguing that the low score was linked to Brexit, with comments such as: “everyone hates the UK”. Such a mixture of politics and

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Sociallly engaged art collectives shortlisted for Turner Prize

The Turner Prize, which aims at encouraging wider interest in contemporary art, has recently published its shortlist, which is comprised entirely of socially engaged art collectives. This indicates intention to reward art that is collaborative, participatory, and involves people as the medium or material of the work. The themes underlying this year’s prize — social change, collaboration, and solidarity —

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