New INVENT team member: Dr. Eva Myrczik joins the Danish team as a postdoctoral researcher

The INVENT-team is happy to welcome Dr. Eva Myrczik as a postdoctoral researcher in the Danish team as of October 15, 2021. Eva Myrczik has a MA in Cognition and Communication from the University of Copenhagen and achieved her PhD in November 2019 from the same university with the dissertation Digital Museum Mediation in Denmark: A Critical Exploration of the Development, Practice, and Perceived Outcomes. Her research interests include museums, cultural mediation, digital media, and media and communication studies. She has special expertise in qualitative methods, and in the INVENT-project she will be involved in the qualitative data collections, the smart phone study, and the communication taskforce, among other things. She will also substitute Franziska Marquart in the data scraping taskforce, while she is on maternity leave until Summer 2022.

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