Scroll through INVENT’s major outputs: Introducing the interactive Output Guide

INVENT is happy to introduce: the Output Guide! 📖 So, what is this new tool, and how does it work? The INVENT Output Guide is the guide where you can view all of INVENT’s major outputs at a glance. Well, maybe not one glance, but rather a scroll! 😄

As you scroll deeper into the ocean backdrop past INVENT’s emblematic iceberg, you come across the different data collections conducted by the consortium, the resulting reports and articles that were written about them, and the helpful tools that were developed for getting the most out of our findings.

The guide is divided into 13 sections each breaking down some basic numbers, timelines, and other relevant information about the data collection, document, or tool in question. Each part summarizes a major output and what it contributes to the project overall; and of course, where it can be found.

Intuitively designed and interactive, the guide’s hyperlinked texts or icons take you directly to a destination where you can read more about your chosen topic. The guide is a playfully designed one-stop-shop for navigating the INVENT project and all her major outputs. A handy pdf document to consult when you find yourself wondering 🤔:

 “What reports has INVENT published about the relation between culture and globalization and integration?”, “Where can I find more information about INVENT’s recommendations for cultural policy?”  or “I want to know more about the Interview study that was conducted by INVENT”

You can find the Output Guide here:

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