What cultural activity did/do you miss most during the COVID-19 pandemic? The INVENT team posed this question to people living in nine different European countries. Curious about the outcome of our research and the relation between culture and wellbeing? Join Session 4 of the INVENT Conference 2021. Register here.

A prime interest of INVENT is the way culture can contribute to social cohesion and wellbeing, a topic which peaked the interest of policymakers and researchers alike in recent years.

Especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the INVENT team made a point of examining the role of all kinds of cultural activities such as visiting a restaurant, festival, or sports event, or making art or music, when inquiring after Europeans’ cultural participation.

Session 4 of the INVENT Conference 2021 is all about this relation between cultural participation and wellbeing and ways to examine the impact of cultural activities on wellbeing, life satisfaction, and collective consciousness.

This session features two keynote presentations. Susan Oman, lecturer in Data, AI and Society at the University of Sheffield, will be sharing insights from her forthcoming monograph on understanding well-being data. Femke Vandenberg from the Arts and Culture Studies department at Erasmus University Rotterdam will be telling us about her research into the growing domain of live-streamed concerts. In addition, the INVENT team will share some insights from their research into the cultural activities and experiences of European audiences during Covid-19.

Session speakers:

  • Understanding Wellbeing Data: revealing gaps and new possibilities for cultural policy, practice and research
    Susan Oman (The University of Sheffield)
  • Cultural Activities and Experiences of European Audiences during Covid-19
    INVENT team
  • Livestreams and the Collective Potential of Digitalized Concerts
    Femke Vandenberg (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

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