Smartphone study – Eurovision UK

INVENT Smartphone Study – Eurovision UK

This page includes relevant information on the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 smartphone study.

What is the study about?

As a participant, you will provide insights into what you think and feel in regard to the Eurovision via a smartphone app called m-Path. With this method we aim to explore people’s experience of the event in real time.

How to participate?

In order to join the research, each participant has to download the free and safe app, m-Path, which was developed for research purposes. Over a period of a week (9-15 of May, 2022), you will receive notifications to your phone, once a day, where you will be asked to answer a few short questions about your thoughts and feelings in relation to the contest.

Why participate?

In order to complete this part of the research, we need your cooperation!

We hope that many people living in the UK with an interest in the Eurovision contest will want to participate. Therefore, you are very welcome to share information about the research, and also share the link to this website with people in your network who might also be interested in participating.

Contact information

For questions or comments please contact Dr Neta Yodovich through, or

Email to confirm your participation!