The methods for understanding how European citizens relate to culture are as diverse as the citizens themselves! Join us in session 8 of the INVENT Conference 2021 to learn more about the methodological challenges and innovations occurring in cultural research. Register here

Beyond embarking on a large-scale research project spanning nine different European countries, the INVENT project has also challenged itself when it comes to innovating the methods with which cultural research is conducted. An aim of the project has been to develop new perspectives and methodologies for capturing the wider societal value of culture.

Throughout the course of the project, INVENT will employ a multi-method and mixed methods research design, consisting of secondary data analysis, surveys, experience sampling, data scraping and analysis of online content, focus groups, case studies, and interviews.

Session 8 of the INVENT Conference 2021 sheds light on some of the methodological challenges and innovations in cultural research encountered thus far. Riie Heikkilä from the INVENT team will provide a presentation on the challenges of interviewing in cultural research in particular on the phenomenon of “counter-talk”. She will be joined by keynote speakers Laurie Hanquinet, Dave O’Brien and Mark Taylor, who will enlighten us on how big data analysis may advance our understanding of cultural participation.

Session Speakers:

  • Big Data and Cultural Participation. Comparison the Audience Finder and the Taking part survey (UK)

Laurie Hanquinet (Université Libre Bruxelles), Dave O’Brien (University of Edinburgh) & Mark Taylor (University of Sheffield)

  • Challenges of Interviewing in Cultural Research

Riie Heikkilä  (Tampere University)

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