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The INVENT Smartphone Study – gain insight into your weekly cultural participation!

What is this study about?
The INVENT Smartphone Study is about how people come into contact with culture in their daily life, and how they experience it. Culture is broadly defined and can be things like: music, television, books, food, places to go out, creative hobby’s, sport, fashion, politics, games, famous persons, et cetera. We are interested in learning more about people’s everyday cultural activities and how these impact wellbeing and social cohesion.

How will it work?
We would like to send you short questionnaires up to 4 times a day for a period of a week (7 days) via your smartphone.  The questions you will receive are very short (will take roughly 1 minute to fill out). The questions will be about your mood at that moment and about activities or conversations related to culture that you might have taken part in during that timeframe.

Download the app and sign up for the study using the code you’ve been given and the app’s notification system will take care of the rest. Try to respond to as many notifications as possible. Though, it is fine if you miss a signal occasionally when you are not available. It is normal to miss occasional signals during the study period, which is normal when studying daily life.

Let’s get started!

  1. Download the M-path researcher app for free from the Apple or Android app store
  2. Follow the installation instructions to the right of this page
  3. Fill in the study code you have been given via email.

If you would like to know more about the research, you can find a detailed participant information sheet on the right of this page.

 Why participate?

  • You gain insight into your own cultural habits, behaviors, and participation. We bet you do more related to culture in a week than you might think! The app allows you to see what you have been doing.
  • You will be part of hundreds of citizens across Europe who help us gain a real bottom-up understanding of how people from all walks of life experience culture in everyday life.
  • The outcomes of the study will be used as input for the creation of cultural policy that listens to what citizens find important.
  • The app has no commercial goals (it was developed by researchers), it does not install cookies and it can be easily removed after the study.
  • To help stimulate and reward your efforts, we have an award for the person who answered most of the beeps in the quickest time; and in addition, everybody who want to, can be

Contact Information

For questions or comments please contact: